Online trading

We customize flexible, rapid and user friendly solutions for online equity trading.  Our standard framework enables feeding of data from the whole world and facilitates connection to the broker house’s trading system.

JAWS, our in house developed framework for streaming based on web sockets provides a better trading experience with seamless streaming updates of quotes and charts. Modern web technology combines the best from terminals and web to give the end-user optimal conditions for trading online.

Skandiabanken with a brand new backbone and a facelift

OMS has expanded our delivery for Skandiabanken to include connection to ProBroker via ABSTRA and handling portfolios, order entry and more. The Trader has been redesigned to a all-in-one trader with simple and advanced mode to be able to adapt to all kinds of customers.

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Handelsbanken renews its Prime trader

Handelsbanken’s online equity trading solution, Prime, was recently upgraded to Oslo Market Solutions’ state of the art technology, with streaming with web sockets, universal design, responsive design to all platforms and devices and a more modern and personal web trader.

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