Was launched  01.09.2017

One week ago today, the new Norwegian Share Savings program was launched. The program will make it more cost efficient and beneficial to invest in shares for private investors. In OMS we believe in making life easier for investors and to make the financial markets more available for most people, in regards to this we are both happy and proud to have contributed to this launch for several of our largest clients. 

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Was launched  01.06.2017 was recently launched by Arctic Fund Management to show what they will offer as soon as ASK (aksjesparekonto) is in motion. Go to: or read more about the legislation here

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Sparebank 1 Markets gets a new trader from OMS!

Was launched  19.02.2017

Sparebank 1 Markets chose OMS when renewing their online trading solution. Their customers can now enjoy a new, fresh online equity trading on the web, in a stand-alone app, as well as in the mobile bank app.

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Skandiabanken with a brand new backbone and a facelift

Was launched  30.11.2016

OMS has expanded our delivery for Skandiabanken to include connection to ProBroker via ABSTRA and handling portfolios, order entry and more. The Trader has been redesigned to a all-in-one trader with simple and advanced mode to be able to adapt to all kinds of customers.

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Handelsbanken renews its Prime trader

Was launched  18.04.2016

Handelsbanken’s online equity trading solution, Prime, was recently upgraded to Oslo Market Solutions’ state of the art technology, with streaming with web sockets, universal design, responsive design to all platforms and devices and a more modern and personal web trader.

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Sparebanken Møre redesigned

Was launched  10.03.2016

Sparebanken Møre was updated on new design and accessibility following WCAG 2.0 last autumn. Today the Exhcange and Currency sites follows delivered by Oslo Market Solutions. The new design was developed in cooperation between SBM’s and OMS’ designers and the result is a new responsive solution, with improved accessibility and usability with more space and a more modern expression.

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Arctic Fund Management

Was launched  30.06.2015

When Arctic Fund Management decided to replace monthly portfolio and fund reports with daily, online reports they chose Oslo Market Solutions. The goal was to give investor clients insight to their Arctic portfolio and Arctic's funds anywhere, at any time, but also to provide Arctic with efficient tools to simplify processes. Holdings and portfolio data is collected from APX delivered by Advent, while fund data is retrieved from Arctic.

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E24 stock pages

Was launched  17.06.2015

For almost a year, OMS has been working on a project to lift us, and our web streaming significatnly. The new framework, JAWS saw to the the beginning of this revolution in september, with the lauch of Aksjelive from E24. This is the first solution to take use of this framework and since, multiple solutions have been launched. Today, E24 launches its new stock pages with large amounts of data streaming to up to 20,000 concurrent users!


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Catella Bank

Was launched  01.06.2015

Catella Bank, an asset management company located in Stockholm, renewed their entire IT stack in 2015. A part of the project was to provide their clients with an Online Portfolio reporting solution. The tailored solution collects data from Catella's portfolio system, Cairo, delivered by Evolution and presents data for the end user in a modern, responsive design. 

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Oslo Børs

Was launched  15.02.2015

When Oslo Børs initiated a project to redesign their web to a more modern, mobile friendly design, Oslo Market Solutions simultanously redesigned the Quotes and Markets pages with the same mandate. This new tailored solutions offers a complete overview of listed equities, fixed income and derivatives on the Oslo stock exchange, as well as detailed information on each ISIN. The solution contains over 25 components based on our standard modules as well as several tailor made components for Oslo Børs.

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E24 Stock game

Was launched  04.01.2015

E24 and Oslo Market Solutions hosts the Norwegian championship for stock trading annually. January 2015 the game got a total facelift and streaming quotes were added. The repsonsive design enables players to join the game from everywhere, at anytime.

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E24 Aksjelive

Was launched  01.10.2014

Aksjelive was a new initiative for E24, creating a live studio with updates, news flashes, twitter feed, videos and of course, quotes and chart to give readers an instant overview of the stock markets around the world. Oslo Market Solutions delivers the quotes and markets part as an iframe E24 includes in their live studio. Quotes are streamed to the client with websockets technology, using our framework JAWS. The charts and quote info are dynamically displayed depending on what E24 writes about, and which markets are open for trading.

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Dagens Næringsliv

Was launched  13.02.2014 is the latest addition to our JAWS-family, our in-house built streaming framework. The "Børs & Marked" section is now streaming delayed or real time data.

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