Aksjesparekonto went live 01.09.2017

One week ago today, the new Norwegian Share Savings program was launched. The program will make it more cost efficient and beneficial to invest in shares for private investors. In OMS we believe in making life easier for investors and to make the financial markets more available for most people, in regards to this we are both happy and proud to have contributed to this launch for several of our largest clients. 

All private investors in Norway can now establish a share savings account to gather all shares and funds with over 80% shares. The Aksjesparekonto (ASK) will give equal conditions for private investors to professionals as profits from sales can be reinvested without being taxed continuously.  The service will help to lower the threshold for saving in shares by focusing on long-term savings.

AksjeNorge has made an infomercial about ASK, that we think explains this quite well (in Norwegian):

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